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by Justine Snowe
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Try the Handcuffs With Me? by Justine Snowe
Justine Snowe
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Paul’s always had a crush on Lindsey, but now he’s helping her pack before she moves away. When they find a pair of handcuffs, Lindsey admits that she’s never fulfilled her fantasy of using them in bed. But whose wrists are they going to end up on? This 4400 story contains bondage, femdom, orgasm denial, and steamy hot m/F sex!


“Any man who would turn you down is a fool,” Paul spoke from the heart. He took a step closer. “You know, I’ve used something like these before.”

“Really?” She looked up at him, excitement in her eyes. She was definitely flushed now, not only her face but her neck and the tops of her breasts as well.

“Yeah,” Paul whispered. After his transformation in college, women had started noticing him, and he had had several girlfriends who loved it when a guy so much bigger than themselves took control of them in bed. He stepped closer, until he was right before her. He loomed over her, as a lion towered over a mouse. He almost a foot taller than her, and had easily eighty pounds on her, all taut, hard muscle. Her frame was small and sweet, with narrow arms and slender legs, but not unhealthily so. She seemed to glow in the light of the setting sun as she looked up at him.

Now or never, Paul thought. He lifted a hand and placed it on hers, engulfing both of her small hands in one of his. Her lithe fingers were soft in his broad palm. He closed his eyes, and bent forward to kiss her.

The world shifted around him, sending him flying. He had been fantasizing about this kiss for years, and now it felt like the earth had moved beneath his feet. The mattress caught him as he fell backwards, and her cold, hard fingers wrapped around his wrist.

Cold, hard fingers?


Paul opened his eyes just as Lindsey closed the handcuffs over his other wrist. He was lying on his back on the bed, his arms raised above his head. He tried to move his hands, but the manacles tugged insistently at his wrists – they were wrapped around one of the think wooden slats of the headboard, and he wasn’t going anywhere. Lindsey sat astride his abs, legs apart and one knee on either side of his chest. Her back was straight, pushing her tits outward, and she smiled with a bit of an edge. Apparently eighty pounds of weight difference didn’t mean much if you knew what you were doing.

“Huh? What?” Paul managed weakly. Lindsey placed a hand on his broad chest, and Paul felt the ghost of her fingernails through his shirt. She pressed down, as though she had him pinned on his back with nothing more than her small palm.

“I thought you wanted to wanted to fuck me,” Lindsey mused. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Well, yeah, but… I mean, I thought you…” Paul replied, confused and unsure. He placed his feet on the bed for leverage, then began to rise up into a more comfortable sitting position. Or, at least he tried to. Lifting Lindsey up off of him would be no problem at all, but as soon as he shifted, she squeezed her knees together, pressing on his lower ribs painfully. At once, he gasped for breath and collapsed back onto the mattress.

“You thought you were going to tie me up and have your way with me,” she laughed. There was a sadistic touch of cruelty in her voice Paul had never heard before. He wasn’t sure why, but it turned him on immensely. “When I said no one was interested in these,” she bucked her hips back in a violent pull as she spoke, straining Paul’s wrists against the cuffs and making him wince, “I meant no one ever wanted me to handcuff them. But I think you want it, don’t you?”

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